Black Crying /Talking Doll - Kieana (Pink)
Black Crying /Talking Doll - Kieana (Pink)

Black Crying /Talking Doll - Kieana (Pink)

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  • Kieana doll is a crying talking doll with a comforter that helps to calm her down when she cries.  
  • She has a voice box which you can activate and operate using her dummy.
  • When the dummy is removed, she cries and call for Mama and Papa.
  • You replace the dummy and she stops crying.
  • She is a soft-bodied doll that is perfect for cuddling.
  • She is a black doll of African origin

Kieana loves the colour pink.  He beautiful pink floral dress comes with matching shorts and pink jacket and matching pink booties.  She has two ponytails at the top of her head adorned with pink hair ties. 

Size 42cm
For age 3 years and over                                                                                                                        

Made in Spain by Llorens